Point Bridge V1

How to use PointBridgeV1

It's as simple as sending tokens directly to the bridge address, and after enough confirmations they magically appear on the other side in your wallet when you switch networks in your wallet.

Bridge Addresses

I'm currently on Point Chain

Add Point Chain to your wallet:


Add Point Chain to Metamask
The button does nothing? Perhaps the chain is already added and you need to switch to it.


Network name: Point Network

Network URL:

Chain ID: 10687

Currency Symbol: POINT

Block Explorer URL:

Point Token




Coming soon



Send native POINT from Point Network chain to this address on Point Network, to teleport them to BSC network. Send only from your wallet, not from an exchange.

I'm currently on Ethereum

Coming Soon

I'm currently on BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

Add BSC network to your Metamask

Protect from sandwich attacks by MEV bots

You can change RPC URL for BNB chain to a known anti-MEV endpoint, such as https://bsc.rpc.blxrbdn.com/ (not affiliated with Point, use at your own risk)

Add POINT Token on BSC (BEP-20)


Add POINT (BEP-20) on BSC
to Metamask


Address: 0xEED8a651Cbed164797895415fCFF85d3B837f65B

Symbol: POINT

Decimals: 18




Send POINT Token (BEP-20) from BSC to this address on BSC, to teleport them to back to Point Chain. Send only from your wallet, not from an exchange.


Current values:

Flat fee: 0.01 POINT
Percentage fee: 0.1%

What if you get an error or nothing is happening?

  1. Be patient. It takes several confirmations for the transaction to be accepted + all relayers to catch up to it and send confirmations to the target chain. This might take some time, especially if gas on the target chain quickly increases.
  2. Check the status of relayers on this page
  3. Contact us with detailed information

Bridges Roadmap

  1. Experimental PointBridgeV1: POINT token only, on several chains, foundation relayers with 3/4 quorum
  2. LayerZero omnichain
  3. Point Validators become relayers, all tokens become bridgeable between networks

What if I'm still unsure or I don't understand something?

Please do not use this if you feel you don't understand something or unsure about how it works.

You can ask questions on our Telegram, Discord (use the #token channel) or send us an email to support@pointnetwork.io.